General Trading Company


1900’s Family Business and the foundation

The Family Adelian is originally an Iranian Family. Ghasem Adelian, the father of Mr. Mojtaba who was born on 1929 has started to work in a shoe shop in Ahvaz city at the age of 26. As the time moved forward he could earn some money and a few years later he had his own shoe shop. After the opening of his own shop, he became the appointed representative of MELLI SHOE (the most famous Iranian shoe company) in Ahvaz. For the development of the business, he decided to start a factory himself. He moved to the Capital in order to have a better chance. He invested in a bankrupted shoe factory and purchased all the shares. He started the production line once again in 1971 and the whole process was managed by his oldest son Abbas. He has let his sons to manage the shoe factory. The sons have opened a shop in Tehran grand Bazar in order to sell their own products directly. In addition to their shoe business, Mr. Ghasem tried to invest in other fields as well. At the same time of opening the shoe factory, he purchased a land with some other partners and built a Brick factory. The whole factory is mechanized by a German company and all the machines were imported from Germany. Mr. Mojtaba was also born two years earlier in 1969. He was the fifth son. He also started to work in their family shop in bazar. As a young boy he also had a dream to have his own business. Mr. Mojtaba established his first company at the age of 20. It was a general trading company. He soon found his way to the international market outside Iran. 

1990’s Mr. Mojtaba first Company

Mr. Mojtaba started to expand his business abroad in 1990’s. He started to export pistache and nuts to France. Iranian Pistache was very popular in Europe and USA therefor he soon found a suitable market there. He later started to invest in properties as well by building a trade center in south of Tehran. 

2003-2007 Moving to Dubai

By the start of year 2000 Mr. Mojtaba decided to expand his business to the neighbor country UAE. UAE has been developing rapidly then. Dubai city which is the business capital of this country soon became the most modern city in Middle East. There was a great opportunity for Mr. Adelian to invest in Dubai. After starting his work in UAE by 2000 and as his business seemed to be successful in Dubai, he then decided to move to Dubai with his family and establish a company there. His main investments were in properties as Dubai was developing in this sector day by day. Properties and real state has been unbelievably profitable as the prices were increasing rapidly. This was until 2008 global crisis. 

2008 Adelian International group Wiesbaden Germany 

Another return to Europe since 18 years and this time in Germany. The uncertain economic situation after the crisis in Dubai led Mr. Mojtaba think of an alternative place of investment. He has established a new company in Wiesbaden city of Germany. He started to work and strengthen the company through a network between his companies in Dubai and the new German company in Wiesbaden. 

2011 Adelian International GmbH (AIG) in Frankfurt 

This was truly a new era in Mr. Adelian’s business. Having a company in one of the key business cities of Europe could mean a gate to a better working future. Mr. Adelian has followed the same strategy like Dubai and establish a company for every specific field of investments. He is currently now investing in constructions in Frankfurt through his other companies but AIG is only specialized in import and export of Electric devices, home appliances and other German products.