Mojtaba Adelian Manager


General Trading Company

Adelian international GmbH is one the sub companies of Mr. Mojtaba Adelian. This company is currently importing and exporting a varieties of goods to Germany and from this country to other countries. As a global investor company AIG is working with international companies in China, Korea, turkey, Middle East and some countries of Europe. AIG works with different German companies and partners. These partnerships are either in form of a simple forwarder which means AIG only purchases certain goods and delivers them to the consumers or a tighter partnership by which it becomes the representative of a company or a brand in another country. AIG has now the experience of working with industrial, digital, electric and medical companies. AIG has different methods of learning sources of the products ordered or interested by it’s clients. A highly skilled Market survey team works in Dubai and communicate with the companies for the initiative negotiations. The head of Market survey team is Hamid Reza Adelian the younger son of Mr. Adelian. Mohammad hossein Adelian and Mr. Mojtaba do the work in Germany including the meetings, visiting the companies, and signing the contracts. The whole team works together to prepare the ideal conditions to achieve the company’s vision of “World as a Whole “.